Enchanted Nightfall: Falling for Destiny

Chapter 2036

Chapter 2036, Heavenly Lunar Cycle Grand Array
Translator: Silavin & Ashish
Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys
After watching for a while, Yang Kai turned his gaze towards Flying Saint Palace's ship artifact.
At this moment, Ning Yuan Cheng was standing on the deck with a leisurely look on his face, seemingly not worried at all that Liu Yi Zhi would be defeated. He gently fanned himself with his folding fan and would sometimes point towards the battlefield.
Naturally, the Flying Saint Palace disciples repeatedly nodded to his comments and orders.
Additionally, there was a rippling green light shield around the ship, enveloping it in a protective layer.
Obviously, this was the defensive barrier of the ship.
Yang Kai slightly furrowed his brow.
Now that the two Second-Order Dao Source Realm masters were busy fighting each other, it was a good opportunity to make his move, but the ship's barrier also seemed pretty sturdy, so Yang Kai wasn't sure he could break through it in one go, much less do so quietly. Yang Kai reckoned he would expose himself as long as he approached the ship.
After considering it for a long time, he decided to wait for an opportunity to present itself.
Reaching this conclusion, he turned his attention back to the battlefield of two Dao Source Realm masters.
Even after so long, Flying Saint Palace's Liu Yi Zhi and the man surnamed Han were still fighting furiously with one another, neither showing weakness, but Yang Kai could subtly tell that something wasn't right.
If the man surnamed Han didn't have any confidence to attack and defeat Flying Saint Palace's group, he would not have recklessly shown himself here, otherwise not only would he fail to obtain what he wanted, he would also offend Flying Saint Palace. Anyone with a little bit of brains wouldn't do this.
Since the man surnamed Han chose to make a move, he must have a card up his sleeve.
Yang Kai was taken aback after this thought crossed his mind and immediately rejoiced that he had not acted recklessly just now.
"Who is Your Excellency? Why not state your name? What're your intentions acting so secretively here?" In the sky, the Dao Source Grade sabre in Liu Yi Zhi's hand flashed as it slashed towards the man surnamed Han.
The man surnamed Han floated back into the distance, borrowing the momentum of their recent clash while leisurely flicking his own sword before pointing back at Liu Yi Zhi and sneering, "You can't recognize me because of your inexperience, yet you actually want to find fault with that? How ridiculous."
Liu Yi Zhi furrowed his brow and shouted in a solemn tone, "I know that Your Excellency is surnamed Han, but Heaven knows how many people are surnamed Han in this world? I don't care where Your Excellency is from, if you withdraw, this Liu will not pursue today's matter. Continue to antagonize this Liu, however, and you will become an enemy of my Flying Saint Palace and this Liu will no longer show any mercy."
"Flying Saint Palace is it?" The man surnamed Han snickered sarcastically, "Oh, I'm so scared! Do you think a trivial Flying Saint Palace can make this Han have reservations? Not to mention Flying Saint Palace, even if it was Star Soul Palace, why would I care? Star Soul Palace has been hunting this master down for more than a few years now, but isn't this master still alive and kicking?"
"Huh?" Liu Yi Zhi muttered in surprise as he stared at the man surnamed Han in shock, startled greatly by this remark.
Star Soul Palace was the real overlord of the Southern Territory, and none dared to challenge its authority or power, but judging from this man's remarks, he actually seemed to be a fugitive from Star Soul Palace, yet somehow he was still alive, and living quite comfortably at that.
"You... you couldn't be..." Suddenly, a name flashed across Liu Yi Zhi's mind, one he had heard about over a decade ago, shocking him to his core. Pointing at the man before him, he shouted, "I know who you are! You're Han Leng, the one who was banished by Star Soul Palace!"
Over a decade ago, a disciple of an Elder-level Emperor Realm master of Star Soul Palace committed a huge mistake. Originally, he should have been executed according to the rules of Star Soul Palace, but somehow, it seemed he got wind of his impending sentence, killed several of his fellow disciples, stole some kind of precious treasure from Star Soul Palace, and escaped. Star Soul Palace had been searching for him ever since.
Back then, this matter had provoked many lively discussions in the Southern Territory as many Star Soul Palace disciples had been sent out to hunt down this traitor. They wanted to capture him alive and return him to Star Soul Palace to face justice, but unfortunately, no one succeeded and many had lost their lives to Hang Leng instead.
This matter had left a stain on Star Soul Palace, but the other Sects and families dared not discuss it in public, only whispering about it behind closed doors.
Over the past decade, Star Soul Palace had never ended its pursuit of this traitor, but unfortunately they also never managed to capture him.

Later, there were even rumours that this traitor was the illegitimate son of that Emperor Realm Elder, and that Elder had personally released him back then. Of course, no one knew whether this news was true or false.
Liu Yi Zhi, as a part of the upper echelons of Flying Saint Palace, naturally knew of such secrets and also knew that the traitor's name was Han Leng.
At first, Liu Yi Zhi hadn't associated this man with Hang Leng, but after hearing the latter's words just now, he immediately drew this conclusion.
"Are you really that traitor Han Leng of Star Soul Palace?"
"So what if I am?" Han Leng opposite Liu Yi Zhi admitted without shying away, chuckling as he wore a complacent grin on his face, like he had prevailed in his schemes, "Now, it's too late for you already!"
Liu Yi Zhi's heart clenched when he heard this and instinctually shouted, "Shit!"
Just as he said this, he turned around and tried to fly towards the ship, looking quite frantic as if something terrible was about to happen.
But right then, Han Leng quickly formed some hand seals with a serious look on his face and in the next moment, a bright shining moon actually appeared in the sky, blinding everyone's eyes, making it almost impossible for anyone to see anything around them.
Suddenly, a beam of white light shot down from the bright moon and poured directly into Han Leng.
In the next moment, rays of moonlight radiated in all directions with Han Leng as
the centre.
In just three breaths, the area within a range of several dozen kilometres was shrouded in an inexplicable force, forming an isolated region. Within several dozen kilometres of Han Leng, one could only see bright moons of all sizes filling the sky; round moons, waning moons, crescent moons, but no stars.
At that moment, it had already become another world.
"Heavenly Lunar Cycle Grand Array!" Liu Yi Zi's face suddenly turned incomparably grave as he confirmed the reason for this change.
"Heh heh heh!" Han Leng's figure had already disappeared. At this moment, his voice was radiating from all directions, making it difficult to locate him. "That's right! Since you recognized this Spirit Array, you can die satisfied."
"When did you set it up?" Liu Yi Zhi asked with an ashen face.
"Having known that you are from Flying Saint Palace, your route was easy to
figure out, so how hard could it be to arrange an Array in advance? You can only blame your Young Palace Master for not placing anyone in his eyes, as if no one would dare provoke your Flying Saint Palace," Han Leng's voice continued to drift from everyone.
On the deck of the nearby ship, Ning Yuan Cheng's face also became extremely
Although he appeared extremely safe on the deck of the ship, it was already surrounded by the Heavenly Lunar Cycle Grand Array at this moment, and judging by Liu Yi Zi's expression, this Han Leng seemed to be an extremely dangerous enemy and this Spirit Array was somehow extraordinary.
Having considered all this, he suddenly pointed at the Flying Saint Palace disciples on the deck and ordered, "Go and quickly help Deacon Liu, this Young Lord will coordinate the battle from here!"
There were more than a dozen Origin Kings with him on the ship, most of them Second or Third-Order, so their combined force wasn't weak at all. These disciples didn't hesitate for a single moment after hearing his order and used their Movement Skills to fly up from the ship, heading toward Liu Yi Zhi. "Don't come out!" Liu Yi Zhi subconsciously shouted, but it was too late.
The moment these disciples flew out of the ship, countless beams of silvery moonlight that seemed gentle and harmless at first glance shot out from the various moons.
However, the Flying Saint Palace disciples had an extremely rich combat experience and would not simply let these beams of moonlight hit them before understanding the nature of this Spirit Array, so they hurriedly dodged these beams, one after another.
One of the Second-Order Origin Kings was too late to react though and half of
his body was struck by a moonlight beam.
Immediately, the left half of the Second-Order Origin King's body melted away
without any sound or sign.
The protective Saint Qi around his body didn't play any role at all. Seemingly only barely feeling a thing, the Second-Order Origin King turned his head to look at himself, but what he saw next crushed his soul...
He immediately screamed as he plummeted straight to the ground, but before he
landed, he had already stopped breathing.
Such a strange scene had naturally caught everyone's eyes, and almost
everyone gasped at the sight of this as a chill running down their spines.
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"You... haa..." Liu Yi Zhi sighed heavily.
Although he was cursing Ning Yuan Chen in his heart, he didn't voice out
his thoughts. Rather he quickly m adjusted himself and shouted, "Since you've come out already, follow me
to break this Array! The Heavenly Lunar Cycle Grand Array is indeed amazing, but the one who arranged it. doesn't seem too skilled. As long as we work together, we can carve our way out." The content is on Novelxo.org! Read the latest chapter there!
The Origin Kings panicked when they saw their companion die so tragically, but
after being pacified by Liu Yi Zhi, they immediately steadied themselves as they
steeled themselves and gathered towards Liu Yi Zhi.
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Han Leng's sneers immediately echoed from every direction as the countless silver moons shook under his control One after another, beams
of moonlight shot towards the Flying Saint Place cultivators from all directions, all while Han Leng's position remained hidden. The content is on Novelxo.org! Read the latest chapter there!
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"Block!" Liu Yi Zhi shouted fiercely as
he took the lead to brandish the
sabre in his hand. A blade of light immediately left the sabre, growing to several dozen meters before flying
towards the front. The others didn't
dare to tarry and also hastily cast their respective Secret Techniques and brandished their artifacts. The content is on Novelxo.org! Read the latest chapter there!
In a flash, colourful flashes of light glimmered as they crashed into the oncoming silver beams, one after another.
However, the stalemate only lasted for a moment before the silver beams broke
through the Flying Saint Palace's group's defence and struck towards them.
Liu Yi Zhi's pupils constricted as he hurriedly shouted at the top of his voice,
Some people with quick reactions immediately dodged to the side, but those who reacted slower weren't lucky enough to escape.
Just like this, the Flying Saint Palace disciples, who had just gathered around,
were immediately sent running.
Before they could gather again, the Heavenly Lunar Cycle Grand Array was triggered once more as countless silver beams of moonlight shouted. This time, the Flying Saint Palace cultivators weren't so lucky. Many had just
stabilized their footing and hadn't had the time to catch their breath, so three of them were unable to avoid the moonlight beams and were struck head-on.

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